Module 1: An introduction to consulting.

9.30 - 16.00

A foundation module on the key principles behind successful consulting skills and business practices.

Who should attend?

Specifically aimed at small business practitioners and owner-managers, the workshop is equally beneficial to those new to running their own business, and those who have been operating for some time but with little or no experience or formal training in consulting.

Where and when

9.30 - 16.00 
20th March 2015

Barnett Hill Conference Centre,
Wonersh, Surrey, U5 0RF

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this workshop you will have:

  • Reviewed the five practices of effective consulting

  • Identified reasons why clients seek and use consultants, and applied this to your own business

  • Discussed different consulting styles and how to apply them to your own situation

  • Practised the basics of an introductory consulting meeting
  • Analysed your own skills with regard to consulting practice

  • Explored consulting as a process and have been introduced to the key stages

  • Generated an action plan for your own business and personal skills development

A great opportunity to work with fellow professionals - there is some really solid experience in the room.
— Felicity Dwyer, Stepping Up Training.
An innovative, practical and highly relevant programme. This unique approach really enables fresh thinking.
— Jennifer Devine, Director Kosen Ltd


  • Overview of Practice model

  • Why use a consultant?

  • Consulting styles

  • Intro to ECIFAR

  • 1st meeting basics – building rapport and understanding
  • Skills analysis
  • Introduce concepts behind other parts of model
  • Action planning


The workshop combines theory with practical sessions, providing time for you to reflect on, and develop, your own business skills and offerings.

Throughout the day the workshop leaders will be happy to discuss your own challenges and offer practical advice and ideas.