Turn your professional knowledge into a business.

Specialist consultants can fill the gaps in expertise and experience – whether that’s in HR, finance, marketing, business development or a host of other specialisms. Making a business from consultancy itself, however, has its challenges… you might be an expert in your field, but running a consultancy is much more than simply delivering your existing skills. To be totally effective requires an entire set of different capabilities. Which is where our programme comes in.


Our Programme

Our programme is practical and results driven – helping you to focus on what will make yours a better-run, more successful business. We’ll help you identify your strengths and USPs, sharpen the way you generate new clients and enhance how you manage your existing ones. Ready to take the next step?

The FOUR Modules


We have distilled down the key areas that will maximize your potential for success into four one-day workshops. Each is  designed specifically for independent consultants and professional services consultancies. They are run by people with over 20 years’ experience of training consultancy skills – as well as practising as consultants in their own right.

Extremely helpful in focusing me on the need to get and stay ahead of myself.
— Jo Gillibrand, Independent Consultant