Consulting in Practice (CiP) was founded by Anne Cannings and Trevor Hills in response to a growing awareness that although there is some consulting skills provision for large organisations very little is available to and suitable for small and independent consulting practitioners.

The content and underlying theory are based on over 20 years’ experience as consultants in a range of sectors and businesses. We continuously research and refine the CiP material.

The feedback from our participants affirms that CiP really does make a difference to peoples’ fee earning capacity.

We look forward to meeting you!

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Anne Cannings  

Anne is a learning and development consultant with over 25 years’ experience. This includes conducting organisational needs analysis, reviewing and implementing learning and development processes for organisations and one-to-one coaching - as well as delivering a wide range of personal and management development programmes. 

While she has designed and delivered leadership and management skills programmes for international and national organisations, she has also worked with a wide range of SMEs and has mentored many people who have left full time employment to set up their own business. Past and current client sectors include public bodies, manufacturing, scientific, engineering and IT companies, local authorities, retail, not-for-profit organisations, NHS Trusts, housing associations and police and fire services.

She personally developed the highly regarded ECIFAR consulting process (entry, contracting, investigation, feedback, action, review) based on research and her own experiences. In addition to her degree in Business Studies, Anne is a Chartered Fellow of the Institute of Personnel and Development, and took her MSc in Organisational Behaviour with Birkbeck College London. She has published many papers, most recently on HR Audit in Industrial and Commercial Training.

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Trevor Hills

Trevor has over 20 years’ experience as a successful management consultant and coach to blue chip companies and SMEs.  He has also provided productive advice and guidance to both new and established consultants through his role as chair of the CIPD Special Interest Group for Consultants and has given many presentations on self‑employment and operating as an independent consultant. Trevor has also owned two small production businesses.

He has provided an extensive range of business economics, business development and effective employee management - improving firms’ performance by strengthening internal structures and making room for entrepreneurial activity, growth and exploiting profit opportunities.

As well as being a Bachelor of Law, Master of Science and Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, Trevor is a Member of the Institute of Physics and the IoD. Away from work, he has always been a versatile sportsman and has maintained a wide interest in arts, history and culture.

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