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Keeping motivated and staying at the forefront of your business; a positive, enthusiastic discontent creating a willingness to work hard, continually enjoy the challenges, and never be happy with the status quo.

Who should attend?

Small business practitioners and owner-managers. The workshop will be equally beneficial to those new to running their own business and those who have been operating for some time but with little or no experience of consulting skills or formal training. 

Where and when

9.30 - 16.00 
7th August 2015

Barnett Hill Conference Centre,
Wonersh, Surrey, U5 0RF

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this workshop you will have:

  • Analysed the meaning of constructive discontent

  • Explored the five components of constructive discontent

  • Identified what constructive discontent looks and feels like in action

  • Linked constructive discontent actions to the future of your business

  • Generated an action plan to enhance your own Constructive Discontent and promote business development


  • The five components of Constructive Discontent
  • Constructive discontent and its context as a consultant
  • Examples of Constructive Discontent in action
  • Do you have it? What you need to do to develop it - diagnose your current level
  • Balancing ‘doing’ with ‘developing’ to utilise Constructive Discontent
  • Action planning - To identify action points to start or maintain Constructive Discontent


The workshop combines theory with practical sessions, providing time for you to reflect on, and develop, your own business skills and offerings.

Throughout the day the workshop leaders will be happy to discuss your own challenges and offer practical advice and ideas.